Coming Soon, a new continuing legal education that follows Chip Langford from state trooper to law student to managing partner to prison.


This Continuing Legal Education Course follows the fictionalized story of Chip Langford as he leaves his small farm town and moves to Birmingham to become a lawyer and owner of a small finance company.

You can’t help but pull for Chip as he struggles to fill the role of husband, father, church leader, public servant, lawyer and business owner. Will he pull it off? For Chip, the story ends as he passes through the doors of a federal correctional institute to serve a six year sentence. For his law partners, family and friends the story continues.

This story serves as a powerful backdrop to identify situations where professional judgment might be clouded by self-interest or other distractions. More importantly, attendees walk away with several solid take-a-ways to identify hidden enemies in their practice and in their life.

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Enemy in the Camp Presenters

Gregory D. Harrelson

Greg D. Harrelson presents Enemy in the Camp, a fictionalized story of his experience with Chip Langford's journey from farm boy to lawyer/businessman to prison. Greg holds an LLM from The University of Alabama School of Law and studied at the Oxford Institute on International and Comparative Law, Oxford England while receiving his law degree from the Birmingham School of Law.

Brandon Blankenship

Brandon L. Blankenship presents Enemy in the Camp, a fictionalized story of his journey through lawsuits and bar grievances all circling around Chip Langford. Brandon serves as an assistant professor of law and ethics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He regularly writes on the legal services industry and multi-plaintiff litigation. He received his law degree from Thomas Goode Jones School of Law where he was a member of the Jones Law Review.

Protect Your Integrity and Your Life Investment

This continuing legal education course follows the fictionalized (and based on true facts) story of Chip Langford. The Professional Rules jump off the page as they are illustrated in actual events.

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(To read the complete fictionalized account of Chip Langford get the Unmasking Hour.)

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